Pier 55 park / Thomas Heatherwick

1. Math

I think that the primary approach that may be called in the refference this architecture is Math. The signature design of Little Island is featuring irregular, unique and complex undevelopable curved surfaces with few repetitions where every part of the constructure was calculated according to the main aim. The design teams devised “a Cairo pentagon” pattern that rationalizes the structure’s geometry and allows for invisible repetitions in form.

“We used more than a dozen different varieties of this basic pentagon. These are arranged around the perimeter in a repeating pattern along different slopes and in different directions so that they look distinctly different, but on the plan, all but a handful of the pots are the same,” says Arup project director David Farnsworth. 

2. Displacement

The next approach I would like to mention is Displacement. The idea of the project was to create a “floating” park saving the hundreds of wooden piles which peppered the water now that the pier decks they had once supported were gone. So the structure was supposed to include the possibility for vegetations to grow and all this surrounded by the water. So the main elements of the construction – pods – were created inseparably from the function.

3. Discretize

Another approach in connection to this architecture is Discretize, in my oppinion. Because the module of the “pod” itself effects how the development of the whole will go. In addition – by separating one module – we can understand the function and the descride the volume.

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